Privacy Policy

When do we collect information?

When you log in to the Moolah app with your Xero account, we collect minimum possible amount of data to create your reports. This includes information such as your name, organisations, repeating invoices, invoices and account codes.

What do we do with the data?

The data is used to create your personalised Moolah dashboards. We only collect information required for this purpose. Your name and organisations are used to personalise your interface and check subscription statuses.

Where is your information stored?

We use a variety of cloud services and use EU region datacentres.

How do we protect your information?

We use SSL traffic encryption along with the latest and industry-standard encryption techniques.

We use cloud services to provide our infrastructure. With this we benefit from constant security updates and the use of key stores.

We run our own automated tools to check the frameworks and packages that Moolah is built on are kept up to date.

About Us

We are a software development company with years of experience but also a business that uses Xero for our accounting. Our business is reliant upon recurring revenue and needed an easy way to report on repeating invoices within Xero. We thought “we can’t be the only ones with this problem”. This is why we decided to create moolah.

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